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Onlay or Inlay as they called is the act of restoring a natural tooth or to preserve it depending on the case with minimum tooth preparation.  Several option can be chosen:

Metal Free (All Ceramic), All metal (Precious metal or non Precious) or Resin filled with Glass or Zirconia material. The best option is the one done indirectly outside the mouth in a Dental Lab Facility and then bonded in the mouth by a Dentist.

Metal clasp on cast partial as a part of the substructure has been there for years and years. Patient did not like them when they are in the front. Until a company called Duraflex came up with an idea to replace those undesired silver clasps with a clear flexible ones. It can be done on an existing cast partial or on a new one. Additional charges apply for this option.

CAD Milling services.One of the technology benefits in this decade was the usage of CAD CAM. One of the best and most used materials with the CAD machine is ZIRCONIA. It is called the white steel. It is hard, it is natural and best of all it is all ceramics. It can be used as a full contour material for crowns and bridges or as a coping for stacking porcelain on the top. It is the product of the decade. $45 Single delivered  in Fl. the next day. 

All Ceramics:

Milling Services.


Single Crown.



Our partials are made from Vitallium metal, which is considered to be one of the best combination metal to go into our oral cavities.

 Custom designed  by our own technician to fit  over  natural dentition replacing all missing teeth where applicable. Again our choice of teeth is German unless requested otherwise.

All flexible partials, metal free are also available.


Clasp replacement:


Flex Partials


Flexible partials are considered to be a permanent replacement for all missing teeth in the mouth. They are very light and comfortable. Not everybody is a good candidate for theses partials. They are not recommended to be an immediate appliance after extractions because they can not be relined in the future. 


Pros & Cons:

Implants are a good and permanent fixed replacement for missing natural teeth. Also like any other foreign object in the body, they can be accepted or rejected. Still not every person is a good candidate for implants. Overall good health is a big factor and good size bone is required for placement. Some might need bone grafts to get to this point and even that is not guaranteed. Average cost range from a$1000 to $2200 per implant without the restorations on the top. 

Temp. Partials

Usage & purpose:

Temporary partial where meant to be used after extractions for healing purposes only. Since no body can predict the size of the shrinkage at the gum line after surgeries, temp. partials or Flippers as they are called were placed for eating and healing at the same time. They are overall cheaper than a permanent partial because they are made of 100% acrylic with no hard  substructure. They were meant to last for several months only.

Cast Partials:


 Our dentures are made from 100% Japanese acrylic that is 99% free of after taste after cure . Treated like any regular heat  denture acrylic but with a better fit at the end because of the short heat process of only 3 minutes in the microwave. Our choice of teeth is always German for the quality and esthetics that they present. And with the aid of the dentureclone technique, all could be done in one day.

Fixed Bridges:

Fixed bridges is the alternative to the removable. 

-Zirconia  (All ceramic white steel) milled on       location by our CAD CAM robotic machine.