Since 1990, 

First Impression Dental Studio has been a leading provider for the best digital teeth restoration in the market using the best technology from the US, Germany and Japan.

All made on the USA.


Any time a major work is required, we always recommend planning it with a second opinion as to confirm the first, or at least to give you another opinion that might suite your needs. It is always to plan twice ans execute once.

Unlike most of the dental appliances, ours are made here in the USA with the quality you are already used to. All made with the aid of the latest digital techniques that exist in the market. Be assured that it is first quality product and services.





Teeth whitening:

Not all teeth  whitening are the same. We have 44% strength for the best and fastest result. Take home pens and kits are available. 

Training courses:

We provide one on one classes at our facility in dental technology.

Hours of operations:

Monday to Thursday 10am to 5pm, Friday 10am to 3pm. Saturday emergencies only case per case.  

Dental offices 

Hands on and advisory visits for dental offices. 

First Impression Dental Studio

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Tel: 407-841-1954 / 800-606-0668

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Since 1990